Paternity Fraud: Mandatory DNA Testing Could Stop This Crime
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Paternity Fraud: Mandatory DNA Testing Could Stop This Crime

About the serious problem of Paternity fraud

Men Have you been a victim of paternity fraud? There is a pretty good chance whether you know it or not, that the answer is yes. This article attempts to reveal the travesty of justice being perpetrated against men in this country by too many women with the help of a government agency known as support enforcement

When a woman walks into the office of support enforcement and gives the name of a man as the biological father of her child/children it is not questioned. The wheels are put in motion to use whatever means possible to get financial support from whoever has been named as the father by the mother. If the man cannot afford the cost of expensive DNA testing he can be stuck paying for someone else's child for 18 years. Why does the state allow this? Could it be that over 30% of all DNA tests in paternity cases have proven the named father in fact is not the biological father? With over 4 million children being born in the USA each year that would mean that currently there are over 1 million men who are the victims of paternity fraud at this time. But never mind that, after all someone has to pay for the children! This is a horrendous crime wave with over 1 million victims that is being ignored. But think of the money the states are fraudulently taking in from the victims. The love of money, after all, is the root of evil.

Support enforcement with no proof of paternity will take a man's wages and leave him little to survive on. They will take away his drivers license and business license to force him into submission, However, I don't understand how making it impossible to earn a living will help get the child support payments. No money = no support payments.

Without a shred of any proof of paternity, they will throw the man in jail and even put his picture on TV and publicly call him a dead-beat dad. And thats just the beginning of 18 year's of harassment.

Many times a woman will be allowed, with the help of DSHS and support enforcement, to commit financial fraud against whatever man they choose. This is also fraud against the children who may never know who their biological father is.

Each and every demand for child support should be contingent on DNA proof that the named father is actually the biological parent of the child/children for whom the support is being sought. Of course the exception to this would be proof of legal adoption of said child/children, where the named father has actually adopted the child.

In far too many cases, even if a man has the financial means to obtain DNA testing and it proves he is not the father, he has no legal recourse to regain the money taken by the state if the Mother is on AFDC. There are no damages awarded for losing a car, job or home while he is in jail for not paying child support for someone else's child. There are no real consequences for the women who falsely name a man as the father, or for support enforcement and DSHS who by their depraved indifference helped perpetrate the fraud against the men who have been victimized by the unfair support enforcement system. DNA testing should just be the beginning of the changes to child support laws regarding paternity fraud. There should be severe consequences when a man is falsely named and fraudulently pursued and damaged financially and personally by the false charge of paternity. I think the same amount of jail time they give for non-support would be fair.

If DNA proves a man has fathered a child, it his responsibility along with the mother to provide for the child. DNA should be mandatory for any claim of biological paternity made for the purpose of obtaining child support. The woman who knows who the biological father of her child is shouldn't have a problem with agreeing to DNA testing.

Since the state is the one who wants to put people in jail for failure to pay support it should be more then willing to provide DNA tests at no charge to the man being named as the father to make sure they aren't falsely and fraudulently destroying someone without proof of paternity on just the say so of a woman who may or may not know who the father of her child is.

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Comments (3)

I am shocked that this goes on in today's society!! Anything that involves children, money and especially life should be tested and tested again! How can you just destroy a man's life without having solid guidelines in place? It's criminal not to mention a breach of his human rights! Thank you for this article for highlighting this area.


That happened to my brother. They named him the dad without proof. They only give the guy a one time chance. Then when the courts name him the dad. there's no getting out.Although i know people who have gotten out. It was rare they got the money back.I think they should make mandatory dna tests so that this doesn't happen.Also there should be no time limit.

I agree that DNA should be mandatory especially when a woman is going after child support that can effect the man for more then 18 years of his life. If you want the money you should have to prove the debt belongs to the person you are trying to collect from.