Gay Adoption Issues
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Gay Adoption Issues

There are a lot of issues facing gay adoption. Same sex couples will find it challenging adopting a child especially in same states. Here are some things that can help you solve gay adoption issues.

Gay and lesbian couples face a lot of issues when it comes to their rights as an individual and as a couple. Although our present society is relatively more open to such issues than before, there are instances that this concept is put into question. There are laws that are still at work especially for LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transexuals) most especially adoption. There are states in the US that do not allow unmarried couples to adopt which may also include same-sex couples. Five states have an enacted law that states that gay adoption is not allowed.

One of the issues a same-sex couple faces with adoption is an interstate law for adoption. An example of this situation is when a same-sex couples adopts a child from a another state that does not allow same-sex couple to adopt. Although the couple may decide to legalize the adoption to their state and are disappointed to find out about ICPC or the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children. ICPC stipulates that eligibility for adoptions depend on the state in which a child was born. If the state in which the child belongs to does not allow same-sex couple to make adoption, adoption maybe denied.

There are cases that same-sex couple decides that one will file for adoption if the state where the child is born does not allow both parents to be of the same gender. If the adoption is approved, the child will be brought to the state where the adoptive parent resides. The adoptive parent will authorize a consent to the partner to be a “second parent”. This type of adoption make be time consuming because it requires two types of adoption but full legal parental rights are given to both person who belongs to a same-sex relationship.

Gay adoption is a complicated process and is different from one state to another. Consulting a family law attorney, a lawyer who specializes on family laws which includes adoption, is the best way to start if planning for a gay adoption. Here are some tips that will help to find a good family law attorney:

1. Research – LGBT organizations can help because they have can recommend family law attorney that has already an experience with gay adoptions. These family law attorney knows a lot about adoptions.

2. Contact – when recommendations are made, its best to contact the family law attorney. This is to see if the family law attorney has matched the client’s standards. Some of the criterias that may help are the following:

a. Knowledge – to see if the family law attorney is familiar and updated with issues relating to same-sex relationships. This family law attorney should be very much aware about laws that are specially made for LGBTs.

b. Experience – to see if the family law attorney has already handled cases similar to a client’s situation.

c. Comfort – to see if the family law attorney is comfortable of having an LGBT client and vice versa. The main function of a family law attorney is to advocate the rights of his or her clients, regardless of gender and race.

There are a lot of family law attorneys that are well experienced when it comes to gay adoption and gender-related issues. It pays to search for these family law attorneys that specializes in gay adoption issues than just settle to what was there.

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