Explanation of Joint Legal Custody
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Explanation of Joint Legal Custody

Divorce is a messy thing and it's major victim in often not the husband and wife but the child. In the event of separation, the estranged couple can either agree to a joint legal custody or contest a sole custody.

Joint Legal Custody is the living conditions of a child in which both parents are involved in major decision-making for the child’s welfare. The decision-making process should be all about making compromises. One of the roles of family law attorney is to be a mediator. One parent has to consult the other to make decisions. A major decision must be made with both parents’ approval.

There are cases that parents may have sole physical custody but have joint legal custody. This means that the child might be with the custodial parent but still major decisions are to be made with consultation to the other parent.

Advantages of Joint Legal Custody:

• This will maintain the communication to both parents. Most especially to parents who ended the relationship badly. This will be an opportunity for them to resolve issues and continue friendship. This will become a healthy not just for the parents but also to the child.

• Cooperation and collaboration is another advantage of the joint legal custody in which the parents will learn to compromise or the idea of “give-and-take”.

• This will help the child with coping with the separation of parents. Seeing that the parents are still interacting in a good way would make it easier to cope up with the stress. The child will still look up to parents as role models and setting as example of how a family should be at an early age will define the family he or she’s going to have.

Disadvantages of Joint Legal Custody:

• There are major decisions to be made that may be difficult to collaborate.

• It is time consuming because before reaching into a decision, one parent has to wait and take the opinion of the other.

• There are instances that decisions can be manipulated in favor of the other parent. Which will sometimes arouses conflicts about biases and might affect the child.

• There are also instances that the parents do not have a healthy communication. This will continue to give problems most especially when one parent will not give way for the other and would also want things to be done in his or her own way. This will add up to the stress the child is having about the separation.

• A child might also be confused of who really is the major decision maker. The child might get the idea that both parents are the authority and might get scared to open up.

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